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Heroes III
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Receiving news of her fatherђs death, Catherine Ironfist, Queen of Enroth, sails for Erathia to
attend her fatherђs funeral. Fearing the worst, she assembles a military fleet as her escort.
Arriving on the coast of Erathia, Catherine finds an allied wizardђs tower, devastated from battle
and abandoned. There she learns Erathia is falling to its enemies. Mustering local armies,
Catherine marches to Erathiaђs capitol, restoring lost land along the way.
Rescuing Erathiaђs besieged capitol, Catherine learns her father did not die of natural causes. He
was poisoned. Setting herself up as queen, Catherine goes to war to restore Erathiaђs borders
and discover her fatherђs murderer.

800x600 resolution displaying 65,000 colors.
All new pre-rendered art. Hand drawn art is no longer in the game, but weђre sticking with the
Еbright and politeђ art style for which NWC is famous. All art in the game is being redone for the
new resolution and color depth.
8 new town types. Because H3 takes place in Erathia, we wanted this new land to have its own
personality. Towns in Erathia will be similar to those in Enroth, but not the same. Weђre taking
the liberty of mixing things up. Towns will be Еnewђ, but not necessarily different.
16 hero types. Each town will have two hero classes (might and magic types) with which it is
associated. Relationships between heroes and towns will be slightly different. In H2, heroes
defined the town types. In H3, towns will define the hero types. For example, in H2 there was
the Necromancerђs Town/Castle. In H3, weђll have the Necropolis where you can recruit the
Necromancer and the Death Knight. You will not be able to customize heroes beyond their
artifacts, but
heroes will be more individualized.
128 individual heroes. Each hero has unique starting skills, spells, creatures, and a special
ability. No more Еgenericђ heroes.
Castle Captains have been replaced with actual ЕHeroesђ. This is done by Еgarrisoningђ a hero
(moving a visiting hero into the garrison slot of a town).
Heroes will have a Еpaper dollђ inventory system for equipping

More skills. Among other new and different skills, four spell schools will be implemented as
Secondary Skills. There will also be a Tactics skill allowing players to arrange their creatures as
desired before combat begins.
More artifacts. Of note is the addition of the ЕGrailђ replacing the Ultimate Artifact. Upon finding
the ЕGrailђ you take it to a town for a special town upgrade. Each town type has its own unique
ЕGrail buildingђ, but only one town per map can have a grail upgrade.
More spells.
The combat screen is 60% larger than it was in H2. We simply kept creatures the same size as
they were in H2 and took advantage of the increased resolution (same for the Adventure Screen,
now with 45% more visible terrain).

With the correct skills, players can now control the Catapult.
Four war machines: Catapult, Ballista (targets creatures), Ammo Cart (extra projectile shots), and
First Aid Tent (heals some hit points for the top creature of a stack)
War Machines can be attacked and destroyed.
Seven slots for creatures.
About 56 creature types, each with one upgrade. Including neutral creatures, there are a total of
118 potential creatures to recruit.
Flying creatures now have limited flying range.
Quests. Players will be able to acquire quests seeking artifacts on the map. Rewards vary, but
one option is to carry the quest artifact to the next scenario during a campaign.
Creature generators on the Adventure Map can be flagged. This adds bonus creatures to those
generated each week in towns with like creature generators.
Heroes recruitment and Thieves Guild information is now found in the Tavern.
Introduction of the Town Hall. All town construction is done from the hall. Upgrades to the Hall
increase town income.
Three different road types for faster hero movement.
True alliances between players, disallowing the option to attack your ally.
New and different win conditions.
Underground map level to match the above ground map.
Multiplayer is being expanded to 8 players. When it is not your turn, we players can scroll the
Adventure Map, view their towns, heroes, etc.
Six mini-campaigns: Each tells the story from three different points of view (good guys, bad guys,
and neutral parties). With these differing perspectives, players will be able to see different
interpretations of occurring events.

Might Hero: Knight
Magic Hero: Cleric
1. Pikeman Halberdier
2. Archer Marksman
3. Griffin Royal Griffin
4. Swordsman Crusader
5. Monk Zealot
6. Cavalier Champion
7. Angel Arch Angel

Might Hero: Ranger
Magic Hero: Druid
1. Centaur Elite Centaur
2. Dwarf Battle Dwarf
3. Wood Elf Grand Elf
4. Pegasus Silver Pegasus
5. Treefolk Briar Treefolk
6. Unicorn War Unicorn
7. Green Dragon Gold Dragon

Might Hero: Alchemist
Magic Hero: Wizard
1. Gremlin Master Gremlin
2. Gargoyle Obsidian Gargoyle
3. Iron Golem Steel Golem
4. Mage Arch Mage
5. Genie Caliph
6. Naga Naga Guardian
7. Titan Greater Titan

Might Hero: Demoniac
Magic Hero: Heretic
1. Imp Familiar
2. Gog Magog
3. Hell Hound Cerberus
4. Lesser Demon Greater Demon
5. Pit Fiend Pit Foe
6. Efreet Efreet Sultan
7. Devil Arch Devil

Might Hero: Death Knight
Magic Hero: Necromancer
1. Skeleton Skeleton Warrior
2. Walking Dead Zombie
3. Wight Wraith
4. Vampire Nosferatu
5. Lich Power Lich
6. Black Knight Dread Knight
7. Bone Dragon Ghost Dragon

Might Hero: Overlord
Magic Hero: Warlock
1. Troglodyte Infernal Troglodyte
2. Harpy Harpy Hag
3. Beholder Evil Eye
4. Medusa Medusa Queen
5. Minotaur Minotaur King
6. Manticore Scorpicore
7. Red Dragon Black Dragon

Might Hero: Barbarian
Magic Hero: Battle Mage
1. Goblin Hobgoblin
2. Wolf Rider Wolf Rider
3. Orc Orc Chieftan
4. Ogre Ogre Mage
5. Roc Thunderbird
6. Cyclops Cyclops Lord
7. Behemoth Ancient Behemoth

Might Hero: Beastmaster
Magic Hero: Witch
1. Gnoll Gnoll Marauder
2. Lizardman Advanced Lizardman
3. Dragonfly Fire Dragonfly
4. Basilisk Greater Basilisk
5. Gorgon Bronze Gorgon
6. Wyvern Wyvern Monarch
7. Hydra Chaos Hydra
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